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    paino stairs
    Each step plays a note of a melody
    Take the stairs instead of the escalator
    Change people’s behaviour for the better by making it fun to do
    musical stairs
    Engaging installation
    Playful stairs
    Social steps
    piano staircase
    Durable product
    Maintenance free
    Affordable price
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    Interactive storefront
    Interactive wall
    Games on giant screens


Our stairs are extremely durable due to IP67 protection ratings (protected against dust and water) of the sensors we use.


The piano stairs that we manufacture require no maintenance. They even restart automatically after a power outage.


We offer a one-year warranty for our products. The warranty covers design and manufacturing faults.


The piano stairs can be customized according to your needs. For example, piano notes or a song can be played.


Different songs, for example Love Story in Valentine's Day, can be played in special days. .


We provide technical support to our clients after the warranty expires. The support can be face to face or by videoconferencing.

These inspirational and innovative installations are interactive such that notes of a song or a melody is played with each step. They are also known as social stairs. They can be applied to any stairs. The stairs are transformed into a giant piano keyboard in a noninvasive way. Several piano staircases have been installed in shopping malls, metro stations, and science museums in different cities.

The piano stairs play notes of a melody or piano tones when people walk on them. These artworks stimulate people to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Musical stairs change people's behaviour for the better (healthier) by making it fun to do. Thus, physical activity is encouraged when taking stairs is fun. A study has shown commuters choose to take the piano stairs 66% more than to take the escalator. They can be also used to create public spaces to engage people.

Our musical stairs can be installed on any surface material such as polished porcelanato. No harm will be given to your current stairs. The piano stairs can be also installed on stairs with any dimensions (i.e., any rise, run, tread, and stair width). Our company has the biggest market share holder in manufacturing piano stairs in the world.

Our piano stairs are very durable since we use industrial sensors. Our oldest piano stairs installation in Armada Shopping Mall has been functional with no fault and no maintenance since 2013!

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